Pink monster

Pink monster

Editorial: Apila Ediciones
Autor: Olga de Dios
ISBN: 9788417028190


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MONSTER ROSA IS A STORY ABOUT THE VALUE OF DIFFERENCE. A story to understand diversity as an enriching element of our society. Monster Rosa is a shout out to freedom. This book was awarded the Apila Primera Impresión Award 2013 for best new author project, the Golden Pinwheel Award, (International Original Children’s Picture Book Award) CCBF-Shanghai Children’s Book Fair 2013 (China) and the Aurelio Blanco Award for the best project in the Applied Arts Family Book of the Community of Madrid. A great bestseller among children’s picture books translated into fifteen languages. – Pink Monster tenderness and kindness make her quickly become a favourite for all children. – Wonderful illustrations with a certain naïve touch that immediately resonates with children. – A friendly and funny story that speaks about diversity. A story we can all identify with.


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