Magnificent book of whales, The

Magnificent book of whales, The

Editorial: Susaeta Ediciones, S.A.
Autor: Eliseo García Nieto,Pilar Pascual
ISBN: 9788411960045


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A book with impressive illustrations to discover the most fascinating whales in the world!We tend to use the general term whale when referring to large cetaceans: fin whales, sperm whales, killer whales… and also when talking about true whales belonging to the Balenidae family. These mammals ply the seas where they reign in their own right, thanks to their immense size. The blue whale is the largest living animal. It size is similar to that of five elephants, just like some of the great dinosaurs of the past.This book dives through the seas inhabited by cetaceans to discover that they are social animals that take care of their calves and gather, called by their songs, to hunt or defend themselves. It shows us the scars left by the parasites that inhabit their skin, describes their fins, their blowing and immersion sequences, their eating habits and the dangers threatening them, such as whalers, pollution and the reduction of polar ice.


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