Life Is Beautiful!

Life Is Beautiful!

Editorial: Cuento de Luz
Autor: Ana Eulate,Nívola Uyá
ISBN: 9788415619260


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Winner at the 2013 Gellet Burgess Award – Lifestyle Motivation and Inspiration. A journey into the heart of Africa and into the heart and hope of our inner child.

When Andrea comes home with a box of holes she bought, her mom is confused. She doesn’t understand how an old box full of holes can be of any use, but her daughter is just over the moon about her latest acquisition—and rightly so! When she takes off the lid, the little girl pulls out holes in all shapes and sizes that lead her to discover remarkable characters who fill her room with amazing stories: Little Red Riding Hood, Gwendolyn the Witch, Princess Rosalind, King Horace the Fourth…

Discover this bewitching tale that shows us how our imaginations can fill in many gaps in our lives, bringing smiles to our faces that we should never, ever give up as lost.


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