Demons of Mallorca, The

Demons of Mallorca, The

Editorial: Susaeta Ediciones, S.A.
Autor: Xesc Alemany,Bàrbara Sansó
ISBN: 9788467799682


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Although there are all kinds of human beings in Mallorca, the island is also full of demons, or dimonis. Many centuries ago, they climbed up from hell to do the jobs that humans didn’t want to do. However, tired of working all day long, they began to emerge from the darkest corners and became the most longed-for beasts at MALLORCAN FESTIVE CELEBRATIONS.

Between fantasy and reality, this atlas invites you to find out who THE MALLORCAN DEMONS are and what they do in each of the regions on the island on this journey with Moni, a young demon who has finished his studies at the Infernal School and is looking for the ideal place to settle down in Mallorca. Join our protagonist on his adventures and discover the stories, shapes and colours of the demons dwelling on this island.


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