Bathing in the forest

Bathing in the forest

Editorial: Cuento de Luz
Autor: Nívola Uyá,Marc Ayats
ISBN: 9788416733583


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Winner at the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards. A heartening story about connecting to nature and its healing properties.

The little girl of the forest embraces you, takes you by the hand, and invites you to immerse yourself in her magical world. The trees surround you. You walk in peace. The light filters through the leaves, in myriad green and ochre tones. It feels as if your feet are putting down roots, connecting you with the vibrant world around you. You are surrounded by birdsong, and the sound of the wind in the treetops… You are bathing in the forest.

Walking through the forest has multiple benefits. It helps regulate our blood pressure, slow down the heart rate, reduce stress, improves our mood and tones our immune system. You will sleep better and your good mood will increase.

If you ever feel gray, sad, agitated, open the pages of Bathing in the Forest and feel the warm embrace of the girl who lives there…


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