A very, very noisy tractor

A very, very noisy tractor

Editorial: Cuento de Luz
Autor: Mar Pavón,Nívola Uyá
ISBN: 9788415619659


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Winner at the 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. A fun, original tale that invites us to open our minds and free our spirits, seeing things the way a child sees them: as they really are.

A tractor came chugging down the road. Its noisy engine prevented its driver from hearing all the negative comments and reproaches people yelled as she drove past. Of course, considering the silly things some people say, sometimes it’s better when there’s lots and lots of noise! This funny woman, a farmer by profession, drove up and down with her trusty vehicle, looking empowered and proud of her job: agriculture. Many adult citizens she encountered along the way didn’t understand the extravagance and the uniqueness of this special and original driver. However, when a child saw her and yelled “Hi there, lady on the tractor!”, the tractor came to a halt and the lady turned off the motor and marveled at that freshness, that free spirit that only children transmit.


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