Super Celia. Adventures on Saturn!

Super Celia. Adventures on Saturn!

Autor: Celia Booktuber ,Mami Patri ,Atolonia
ISBN: 9788409385591


Disponibilitat: 9 en estoc (es poden reservar)

Celia is not just a girl, she has a Superpower that accompanies her wherever she goes: IMAGINATION.

Join her on this adventure with her best friend, puppy Pancho, and discover how wonderful DREAMING is.

It contains 6 activities to work the Imagination.

This book is created to help the little ones who spend so many hours, days and months, locked up in hospitals.

Imagination is, and always will be, the best tool to help them.

Ewing’s Sarcoma could never take away Celia’s desire to draw, imagine and dream.

Never let anything or anyone stop you from dreaming. Because dreams are part of us, and they will accompany us throughout our lives.


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